Fighting Censorship

Social Media Freedom is not "just another Social Media Platform". It's a place where you can truly be yourself. Connect with others close by, or see what's going on elsewhere. Join a tribe that shares your goals & interests. Social Media Freedom allows people to connect and share whats important to them like no other app allows. Join our community and become part of a movement!

Connecting you to your world

Social Media Freedom's features allow you to connect with friends and meet new people who share your interests, whether they are down the street or half a world away.

Set Your Locations

Save your favorite places and keep up with the local vibe.

Your Vibe = Your Tribe

Join a tribe of people with shared interests, or create your own.

Privacy when you want it

Don't want the world seeing your posts? Just flip your profile to private.

Post Reactions

Sometimes a simple "thumbs up" just won't do.


One-to-one private messaging is built in. Just connect and chat away.

Don't be silenced

We believe you should have the right to speak your mind, even if we don't agree with your message

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We built the SMF feed with local discovery in mind. Now you can see whats going on & meet new people in your community, and also save your favorite places to keep up with the local vibe there, too.

Recent App Store reviews

There's finally an app that's not censored! You can post whatever you want as long as it's legal! Super easy to learn to use and laid out well. Can't wait to see this grow!

iOS App Store review

A place where you won't be banned for your opinions or interests. It will be fun to watch it grow. Love the tribes feature.

iOS App Store Review

Awesome app!

Android app review

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